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Research Projects

The Institute has a special interest in research that promotes collaboration, creative futures and novel online technologies.

Our research, including ARC funded and pilot projects, is aimed at facilitating the innovative outcomes that can be achieved only through interdisciplinary research.

iCi’s research outcomes improve industry, government, education and creative services in Australia.

Major Projects

Independent Music Project (IMP) »
Australia’s first and only interdisciplinary music research centre. IMP explores the rapidly changing media environment that is impacting and redefining the current music establishment.

Centres of Excellence

ARC Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation (CCI) »
Provides opportunities for demonstrating the value to Australia of the humanities, creative arts and social sciences expertise.


Global Knowledge Economy »
Explaining the basis of competitiveness in knowledge economy industries.

New Media and Public Communication »
Understanding the ways people contribute to and use the Internet for a wide range of purposes.

Restructuring Statistical Reasoning »
Providing young learners with the foundations of data modelling thus sowing the seeds for productive participation in a data driven society.

Smart Music: Combining music perception and algorithmic composition »
A better understanding of music will provide the basis for enhanced computer music techniques that support creative musicians.


Engineering Experiences in the Middle School »
Introducing new and innovative learning experiences in real-world engineering contexts to students in the middle school.

Promoting Youth Wellbeing »
Addressing the urgent issue of youth mental health, and investigating the impact of digital media participation on improving youth wellbeing.

Remote Music Interactions Through Online Networks »
Investigates the pedagogical benefits and limits of remote musical interactions (RMI) over digital networks.

Soft Infrastructure »
The project will position Australia at the forefront of the creative industries internationally and enhance national capacities in the rejuvenation and design of creative urban precincts.

Sustainable Food Culture »
Raising people's awareness of healthy and ecological food options with nutritional data and educational information.

Sustainable Selves »
Describes and evaluates the educational achievements of young people who have left formal education and are seeking to re-engage.

Swarms in Urban Villages »
Developing advanced knowledge of how urban neighbourhood communities can be assisted to grow in healthy ways.

Other Projects

Ubiquitous Computing »
Exploring ways to support Queensland residents in making more sustainable consumer and lifestyle choices.

Completed Projects

60Sox »
On one hand there’s a lot of people in Australia and New Zealand who want to earn money through their creativity. On the other, industry is constantly on the look out for great new creative talent. It's in the middle that 60Sox sits.

Australasian Centre for Interaction Design (ACID) »
ACID found better ways for people to interact with each other using communication technologies.

Creative Suburbia »
Evaluates the scope for development of new enterprises in creative industries sectors in Australia's new suburban and peri-urban communities.

China's Foreign Investment »
Discovering much about China's bid to become more innovative, competitive and creative by harnessing foreign investment and human capital in the creative industries.

Digital Storytelling Pilot Project »
The ’Ipswich Stories’ pilot project, an initiative of QUT, involved partnering two Ipswich based institutions to co-create digital stories.

eDiscovery Lab »
Focuses on knowledge discovery in digital repositories for smart information use and decision making.

Investigating Innovative Applications »
This project benefited the Australian community by undertaking the first comprehensive audit of collaborative online news production.

Linking Older Australians »
Raising the awareness and benefits of engaging with online products to improve older Australians daily lives.

New Media in Urban Planning »
Supports new media creativity and literacy in two Australian communities and helps people participate in the urban planning process.

New Media Voices and the Australian Values Debate »
Identifies and compares the values represented in new media with those of school curricula and mass media.

Pedagogy of Supervision in the Technology Disciplines »
Exploring what it means to teach and to bring about learning in the research higher degree (RHD) environment.

Save to DISC »
Save to DISC (Documenting Innovation in Sound Communities) Research Network acts as a conduit and broker for music makers, researchers and organisations.

Studio GameOn »
A collaborative initiative with iCi and the Science & Technology Faculty, establishing an innovative learning facility as part of the prominent GameOn exhibition.

Teachers and the Official Curriculum »
The first large scale state survey of teacher engagement with and use of official curriculum documents.